Garwood Partnership for Arts and Culture

Garwood Partnership for Arts and Culture (GPAC)

The GPAC provides art experiences for the community in a variety of settings throughout the Borough including, but not limited to, photography/art exhibits, concerts, poetry readings, and theater. 

GPAC Celebrates Pride Month in June with a Group Art Project!

GPAC is asking members of the community to submit original 9" x 9" square abstract artwork using the colors of the rainbow. Tiles will be collected and assembled into one large artwork and displayed at the Garwood Public Library in June.

Directions for Creating Your Tile:

) Cut a piece of Mixed Media/drawing paper into a 9" by 9" square.

2) Using a pencil, create an abstract line drawing (no figurative art or words)

3) Consider using the principles of design to make your tile visually interesting:

  • Repetition/Pattern
  • Contrast
  • Variety
  • White Space
  • Emphasis (creating a focal point)
  • Movement
  • Scale and Proportion

4) Use black ink or marker to darken the lines of your design.

5) Color sections of your design using colors of the rainbow. You must use each color at least once. Use markers or watercolors with vibrant colors.

6) Write your name/address lightly in pencil on the back of your art tile.

7) Drop off your creation in the “GPAC Celebrates Pride Month” box at Borough Hall (403 South Ave.) by June 5th. Multiple submissions are allowed.